Wishbhone Is A Tangle Free Way To Store Headphones

    We stick to digital startups here at ArcticStartup, but we’re not afraid to wander if something catches our eye. A new project on KickStarter has done just that: a couple of guys from Helsinki have created Wishbhone, a clever piece of plastic that allows you to actually store your headphones without them turning into the strongest, most complicated knot known to man. You can receive the product if they reach their goal, and if you donate more than $10 (€7.50).

    The Wishbhone isn’t a unique idea. Pople have been storing ropes and extension cords forever using similar concepts, and I’m sure I’ve seen something similar for headphones before. But what’s special about the Wishbone is the smart way it clips onto your headphone chord so you’re never without it.

    Also, it has small clips on the tips that can hold the two earbud chords firmly. The long channel that holds onto the chord is designed to fit iPod headphones, or those with chords of similar widths.

    The guys are shooting for $10,000, which they’ll use to buy an injection molding mold. You have  to throw in at least $10 to pre-order a Wishbhone, and at least $60 will get you a gold-plated version. The project will only be funded if they can hit their goal by January 15th.

    Check out their pitch below:

    Edit: My apologies for originally spelling it “Wishbone.”