Wirepas raises 10M Euro to accelerate Development of First Non-Cellular 5G Technology

Wirepas, a Finnish company on a mission to change enterprise IoT, announces an injection of funds aimed at accelerating the development of the world’s first purpose-built non-cellular 5G technology. Shortly after announcing the product and new standard in May, Wirepas, currently working with several world-leading clients, has seen an increase in interest and demand from partners and customers alike to bring the product to market. An injection of 10M euros will be made by existing investors Karma and Tesi

“Thanks to the great market interest and lead customers’ fast time to market targets, we have decided to accelerate the first non-cellular 5G product development. We knew our solution was special and the need has become even more apparent and urgent over the past several months. This new injection of funds will help us continue to do what’s in our customers best interest, and that’s getting it done efficiently and as soon as possible. We target to have the commercial launch in 2022,” . says Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas.