Entocube Wins €50,000 Award

Insect farming technology startup Entocube won pitching competition at Arctic15 startup conference in Helsinki on Friday.


Entocube‘s idea is simple: insects are one of the best sources of protein available to humans. Harvesting them quickly and efficiently in containers creates a lot of potential for an alternative protein source, especially once it is in powder form. The company has already served more than 10,000 consumers and is targeting insect farmers, urban farming communities, animal husbandry farms and more.

The other two finalists were: Authenteq and Streamr.

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Iceland’s Authenteq solves an increasingly common problem in our online society – how you can be certified as a seller or buyer? And how can you control the amount of information you share? Their answer is the Authenteq app. Once you install the app, you are certified as a buyer and seller and you go onto online markets. They are aiming to raise credibility between strangers and to raise awareness regarding online actions.


Streamr is a cloud-based platform for easy automation of any kind of real-time streaming data. The team’s background is in algorithmic trading, combining a unique set of skills from deep technical ability to proven PhD-level algorithmic modelling.