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NokiaNokia and Microsoft have stated that the WP7 release by the codename “Mango” has been pushed onward to manufacturing. This means we should see it in stores before the year end. Mango is the name given to the latest version of the operating system installed in WP7 phones. Nokia has announced a few more details about the phone in their Ääni blog (in Finnish). Nokia has also confirmed that this is the operating system that will be in use in their first Windows Phones.

Below are some of the features outlined by Terry Myerson, Corporate VP of Windows Phone Engineering, in the Windows Phone Blog:

  • Our unique new email Conversation View which helps me to efficiently participate in long email discussions with my friends and co-workers.
  • Threads that bring together my text, IM, and Facebook chat all into one conversation.
  • App Multitasking, enabling me to efficiently work on my email, listen to music, and then pop in and out of Words By Post games when it is my turn. Mango also connects apps to search results and deepens integration within the Hubs like Music and Video and Pictures.
  • Internet Explorer 9 for fast web browsing and support for new HTML 5 web sites.

Based on this, it’s hard to say if Nokia will add any modifications to the standard installation of the phone at this point. We previously noted from one of the short statements that Nokia would be able to modify the phones to their liking. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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