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Startup weekend is organising a mobile oriented event this weekend in Copenhagen. It’s already been of immense popularity, but we thought we’d show some support to the event in the form of offering free tickets to Arctic15 conference for the winning team. So, if you’d like to have a chance at winning the event, but also winning Arctic15 conference tickets for the whole team – participate now.

Inspiration for the event came from the unfortunate events of Nokia shutting down the product development center in Copenhagen, thus letting go of some 700 engineers. I’ve heard from the organiser Alex Farcet, that many people from Nokia Copenhagen (including some executives) will be present at the event and taking part in creating new things.

The event itself takes place over three days, from Friday evening, the 24th to Sunday the 26th. It’s basically a 48 hour hackathon where people will form teams to create something cool around mobile applications.

The event costs 450 Danish Kronor for people with experience in Software, Hardware, UI/Designer as well as Business where as students are given entry to the event for 250 Danish Kronor.

We at ArcticStartup love events like these and strongly support you apply to participate in the Startup Weekend Mobile in Copenhagen this coming weekend.

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