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WiMP DIY Allows Unsigned Artists To Monetize Streaming

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Norway-based WiMP is bringing some innovation to their music streaming platform through the launch of WiMP DIY, allowing unsigned artists to upload their music, and take in 70% of the income. WiMP offers a more editorially focused take on a music streaming service, and with it, these unsigned artists have the possiblitly to be featured in WiMP’s NewSound campaign, which highlights new, local music, or to be put in playlists next to international acts.

“We launch this offer to cover a market demand. WIMP DIY is not intended as an alternative to a conventional record deal, but as a push in that direction. WiMP wants to invite artists who do not yet have a record label supporting them, but who have got ambitions of reaching out with their music,” says Sveinung Rindal, Head of Editorial at WiMP.

WiMP DIY contains no fees, and allows 70% of its income to go back to artists. The actual DIY releases will be distributed through Phonofile, which takes care of the administration and payouts.

Streaming music hasn’t become the silver bullet of artist monetization, but for unsigned artists this looks like it could be an interesting revenue and hype path before a record deal is signed.

And on the other side, it will help more music become accessible. One of the “downsides” of these music streaming services is that they become so useful, that if an artist is not available within them, I don’t find time to listen to them. So for new, local acts, this looks like a step in the right direction.

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