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I haven’t seen any Wikileaks revelations regarding startups, not that they should have too much in common in the first place. However, I’ve just come across a US Embassy cable regarding the video streaming and rental service Voddler via a tweet from Mikko Hyppönen, the CRO of F-Secure. In doing so, the cables reveal some interesting figures from 2009 regarding the service.

The US Embassy cable is dated 24th of November 2009 and it is sent from the US Embassy in Stockholm. It covers issues such as Pirate Bay and Voddler. Essentially, it states the troubles the government is having working with Pirate Bay and praising the launch of Voddler, a legal service to stream and rent movies online.

The cable reveals that Voddler attracted more than a quarter of million Swedes in since its launch in 2009. Voddler has also been stated to sign deals with Walt Disney Company and Paramount, to enable a larger catalogue.

Furthermore, the cable reports, that when the service launched into beta in July 2009 it attracted 16 000 users in its first day. They immediately had to cap usage and over 200 000 users were on a waiting list as the service controlled its scalability.

Finally, the cable goes on to reveal that Voddler plans to expand to North America and other parts of Europe in the future.

Interesting to see the US Embassy reporting this widely regarding copyright issues from Sweden. Nevertheless, it’s great to see such praise on behalf of Voddler.

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