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Why you should offer your extra office space to a food startup

It’s lunchtime, and with all of us busy in the office I thought it might be cool to give Wolt a try to pick up some Friday food for everyone. If you haven’t heard of the app, it’s a fairly straightforward food pickup app – think of a delivery pizza app but without the delivery. The hype comes from the founding team, a good mix of Helsinki startup names led by Miki Kuusi, the ex-main organizer of Slush.

The problem, for us at least, is that there aren’t any great locations around our office probably due to the more touristy area of town we’re in. But looking closer at the app you can see a suspicious cluster of restaurants in one area of town which made me wonder how far Wolt’s sales team was willing to walk.

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I had a general idea that Wolt’s office was in the center of that cluster, so I quickly plugged in the addresses of Wolt’s restaurants in downtown Helsinki (skipping the deeper Kallio and Töölö locations) into Geomidpoint.com, giving the address of Eerikinkatu 1 as their geographic center.

Popping over to Map Developers’ distance-to tool, I compared that address to Fredrikinkatu 42, the address listed on Wolt’s website.

They were only 266 meters, or about two blocks from the geographic mean. Ha!

Wolt only launched a few weeks ago, so we’ll cut them some slack, and while trying to find an image for this article I see that they’ve grabbed a nice sushi chain close to our office this afternoon. But what can we learn from this? It makes sense to find an office near any food startups in your city.

Anyone heard of a great sushi chain called Hanko Sushi? Well, they just got even more awesum since they are now on…

Posted by Wolt on Friday, April 10, 2015

For actual coverage of Wolt, check out this interview we did with Cofounder Elias Pietilä.

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