Who had to do this task? Never again!

    Nothing is more frustrating than being in a team meeting, and realizing that a task is left undone cause “someone” had to it.

    This is the story behind the name of Someone.io, an Oslo based company, providing a task management app solving this problem.

    Aiming to improve employee job satisfaction and overall team productivity, this app gives team members an “overview on who is doing what and when, updated in real time“. With a possibility to set deadlines, comment and share tasks with other team members, Someone.io offers a complete tool for managing projects from scratch to the finish line.

    Following research on competitors’ tool, showing that teams are often reticent to use a task management tool, fearing of spending time on learning the tool, or by being bored of its use, Lasse Søberg, CEO and Co-founder of the company says that: “From the first moment of sign up, we want the user to float through the onboarding process as smoothly as possible and start getting value from the tool. The bright colour scheme fits with our vision of being inspiring and fun to use, with a user experience that feels easy and simple. We put effort into small details like animation that aid usability, meaning that we look and feel different to competitor’s duller, more static solutions.

    Though the collaboration tool market is quite competitive, with big players such as Slack or Trello, the Someone.io team believes that there is room to enter the game by providing a product adapted to the needs of customers.

    The business model chosen is a mix between freemium service, with unlimited number of users and projects, and a premium version allowing you to include private teams and projects, free guests, Google for Work integration and prioritized support.

    Someone.io is also looking for investments and they launched a campaign on Fundedbyme closing on October 26th.