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Whitevector, a Finnish startup in the field of media analytics, has announced a new addition to their site metrics service. The improvements are mainly aimed at media agencies that want to harness the word of mouth in the online space for their clients’ best. Everyone is able to try the service free of charge at the Sitemetrics website.

The common problem with online forums and other similar kind of services where individuals discuss a whole range of issues, is that it is very difficult to get an overview where relevant discussions for your business are had. Whitevector has now build an addition to their site metrics service where you are able to narrow down into the relevant services for your industry. One can for example find discussions in Sweden, during January 2010 in the area of education. The service is now tracks discussions in Finland, Sweden and the UK.

Whitevector has worked together with Dagmar, a Finnish media agency for a few years with their clients and developing social media analysis tools. ”Site rankings are interesting for advertisers and agencies, when you are looking for sites where opinion influencers of a certain category are. Whitevector’s tools help us to manage the broad social online world and allow us to do quick analyses”, says Teija Soininen, Head of Planning at Dagmar.

Whitevector further states in their press release that knowing where discussions are had is an excellent starting point for digital marketing. While it is an excellent tool for media agencies and digital marketing bureaus they still need to be able to win those hearts and minds with their work. I’d argue this tool is a better service for newer social media agencies working with clients to better understand what their clients are actually talking about and further help solve those problems.

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