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Whitevector and Gyllene Skor to cooperate on measuring the effects of web discussions

Whitevector and Gyllene Skor have announced cooperation to enable Gyllene Skor’s customers to better utilize knowledge from web discussions their business. Gyllene Skor will utilize Whitevector’s web-based analytics application TracSense in measuring, tracking, and making sense of web conversations and their effects from the clients’ marketing communications point of view.

Whitevector is a Finnish startup founded in 2005. The company helps marketers, PR consultants, journalists and other professionals to monitor the digital news and social media discussions in the Internet. Whitevector’s TracSense product offers various business benefits from improved online reputation management and staying aware of consumer trends to tracking word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. For journalists the product offers possibility to complement traditional news with the latest insights from blogs and forums. Whitevector promotes TracSense by hosting a service picking up recent topics Finland is discussing about. Among Whitevector’s owners with a minority stake is M-Brain, a Finnish intelligent digital news monitoring and analysis solutions provider.

Gyllene Skor is a new digital media company, just founded this autumn, aiming to be a strategic partner for its customers on e-business and marketing solutions, driving revenue growth and gaining competitive advantage through better use of digital media. Owners of Gyllene Skor include the management, Marketing Agency Bob Helsinki, and Engagement Agency Toinen Helsinki.

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