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What’s Spinning is a music discovery newsletter. It’s core functionality is tracking the Spotify playlists you love the most and keeping you updated when there are new songs added. Additionally, it feeds you content related to the artists you listen to.

I’m a Spotify power user – I follow over 100 playlists, it’s by far my most used app, and I am constantly crate digging for new music.

That being said, I follow so many playlists that it can be hard to keep up when its creators add new songs. Spotify doesn’t push notifications, and it would be obtrusive anyways to get a notification for every single song added.

To solve this problem, I’ve created What’s Spinning. When you sign up for the newsletter, you login with Spotify to see all the playlists you currently follow. Then, you select playlists that you want to “track”. Each week, you’ll get a digest that shows you the updates. Additionally, readers receive music articles, content (like music videos, new releases), or art that is related to artists they listen to – using machine learning to serve the content. Each email is personalized at the user level.

I think this is a unique way to both stay on top of your favorite Spotify playlists as well as create a community interested in music content.

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