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Whatagraph – A Family Startup Developing Google Analytics

Three brothers with a complementary skill set founded a business for visualizing statistics.

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During one of many startup conferences in the region – I had an honour to meet a interesting co-founder trio of three brothers Justas, Andrius and Tomas Malinauskas. These brothers’ startup Whatagraph helps to create infographics for Google analytics.

Instead of spending hours analyzing the necessary data and doing reports, we use our automated software which saves a lot of time for our clients,” says CEO of the Lithuanian startup founded in 2014, Justas Malinauskas.

In just three months Whatagraph reached 1000 clients including companies like Swatch, Thomas Cook and even University of South Carolina. Their simple, beautiful and innovative software aims to show that technology can make your life much easier and you do not need a big pile of cash to create high quality graphics.

For every business – small or big – time is precious, and you do not want to waste it doing reports. Some of Whatagraph biggest clients have more than 400 active customers every month, so instead of spending hours analyzing the necessary data and doing reports, they use the automated software which saves a lot of time for them. And if a client has more than 100 customers, they serve in total more than 10,000 people at once.

​Family Business – Best Business?​

The idea, to start creating beautiful and informative graphics easily came from the youngest brother of the three, Justas Malinauskas.

The idea was born year ago, when I needed to start measuring results of my own website. When I opened Google analytics I thought how do people work with this – And decided that there should be a way to get understandable statistic reports directly to your email once or twice a week,” Justas explains.

To test the idea he approached two of his closest friends – the brothers.

Justas showed Andrius and Tomas the custom made report he had crafted, which had basic infographics and performance of the website – And asked them would you like to get that kind of reports about your companies websites. They agreed that there’s a need for a service like that, and it was enough to start a revolution together.

When I met Justas, Andrius and Tomas, I was really impressed how the brothers support each other – and also have a complementary skill set which creates the perception that these three guys were really meant to start a business together: Andrius is great at sales, Tomas with legal issues and Justas with planning and strategic issues.

I’m sure a lot of people could learn a thing or two about working unitely towards the same goal – like these three bros of Whatagraph do.

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