What tricks are investors throwing into your term sheet?

    “Hi my name is Mark. I’m looking for €300k for a 20% stake in my company.”

    Dragons Den and Shark Tank have for long been the only way to get an idea of how entrepreneurs actually raise money. Unfortunately, for the entrepreneurs, it could not be further from reality. Negotiating a term sheet for an investment is a long, drawn out fight of wording and compromises.

    In order to educate entrepreneurs in the reality of getting an investment, what the booby traps and pitfalls are, the “do’s and don’ts”, Startupbootcamp have created a show that is as close as it gets to the real thing.

    Taking place during the Arctic15 program, Investment Lab will entertain and educate the crowd in the world of fundraising as a startup. We bring in experts to go through terminologies, best practices, and real life experiences. When the crowd is equipped with the basics the last part of the show will begin: a live negotiation on stage for a hypothetical Seed investment.

    We’re going to have a fun back-and-forth on stage thanks to our negotiators. On the startup side, Ville Miettinen from Microtask and startup lawyer Kimmo Reina from Bird&Bird will go up against Jimmy Fussing from Sunstone with both sides trying to land the best deal possible with the crowd seeing every trick and hearing every twist of words.

    If you’ve never raised money before, or if you felt a little lost during the process, this is a must-see part of Arctic15 to learn how to keep fair control of your company during an investment round. We’re super happy to be working with Startupbootcamp and Dealcircle on this.

    So grab your tickets to the Arctic15 here! Knowing how to avoid bombs in your term sheet could save you way more than our ticket price in the long run, plus check out our list of speakers – it’s going to be the can’t-miss event of the spring.