Arctic15 was held almost a month ago and we decided to summarise what the 15 awesome finalists actually pitched and released on stage. This is a little bit of a promotion to our upcoming videos of all the pitches we’re beginning to release soon on ArcticStartup from our event. So browse through the 15 finalists presented below in alphabetical order, presented in their own words.

300 milligrams
300milligrams brings all work related discussions into one place without losing its context. Each discussion thread is tied to a specific document, project task or customer account, allowing team members to easily filter and identify discussions they should pay attention to.

Sign-up at

46elks is a cloud communication platform, which makes it very easy to integrate Voice, SMS & MMS into your applications. No more high barriers, just a simple HTTP API.

Achoo is a professional networking site built around your achievements, or “socially accepted bragging”. It helps to get found by new clients, partners and/or fans. Use the code ‘Arctic15‘ to get access to the private beta.

Campalyst provides analytics software that measures whether social media presence provides positive ROI for the brands. Tracking the activity of Facebook fans all the way to the purchase level on the website, the software helps brands understand if and why their Facebook fans convert into paying customers, and provides data driven guidelines on how to convert them more effectively.

Conferize is a platform for all the conferences in the world, where you can find anyone, everything and every venue related to conferences. Everything happens real time, so you’ll never miss a conference – even when you can’t be there.

Go to and use the Magic Pass ARCTIC15 to try the live alpha.

Fishare is the easiest way to share your catch, with millions of people!

Graduateland (Public vote winner)
Graduateland is Europe’s largest career portal for students and graduates. Graduateland increases the recruitment efficiency, by offering universities free job portals, which are linked into an international career network. Everything is accessible from one central SaaS solution. Recruiting talented students and graduates has never been easier!

Students & graduates can sign up via, Employers can sign up via and universities can request more information on

We opened up our new service, but not yet to the whole public (as a financial service it’s important to take things one step at a time). We are currently picking the best, most interesting, most world-changing Finnish group activities and projects, who will be the first in the world using our highly disruptive service. Sign up here:

Holvi replaces your bank with a group checking account with automatic accounting, fundraising and money management. It is targeted at group activities. People making the world a more colourful place: event organisers, sports clubs, indie film crews etc.

Kiosked, the award winning and leading provider of in-content online ad platform, launched their Web Wide Shop concept and the free Kiosked Image Bank service, that enables all online publishers, bloggers, and photographers to earn money on the shopping impulses their content creates. Anyone can download and earn money on free images from

Mancx (Winner of Arctic15)
Mancx opens up paid social search for LinkedIn users. Perfect for sales professionals and entrepreneurs! Try it at

Meetings makes meetings more effective and measurable. With it is simple to find a suitable time and collaborate around material, notes, and agenda using web conferencing. announced Meeting Analytics, making it possible to track meeting volume, interaction, time, money, and carbon footprint over time. announced a series of partnerships: Elisa Corporation provides a phone number to all meetings and provides the service to their customers (150 000 corporate customers), Videra brings multipoint HD web conferencing to all meetings, and from the Netherlands makes available to all meeting room reservations (currently 50 000+) on their coworking and business center network on 14+ locations and growing.

Use the promo code ARCTIC15 during the upgrade process to try the PRO version for free for one month.

Mepin launched a secure way to sign in to Internet services without the username and password hassle. The Mepin app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the Apple App Store.

Streamtainment Systems
We have a B2B solution so unfortunately can’t provide a link for signup, people just have to wait for the happy message from their friendly telco! But in short, what the network operators will propose the end-customers is that people will be able to use cool TV apps on their existing living-room TV set – web services, proper games, video conferencing and much more – just as easily as they currently change the TV channel. No hardware to purchase, nothing to install, nothing to set up.

At Arctic15 we did a European launch of Transfluent, a service which provides human-powered language translations for Facebook, Twitter and WordPress in near-realtime and with high quality. The service is aimed for businesses of all sizes who target customers in multiple languages. In order to try out the service, please login to and sign up using either Twitter or Facebook. As a launch campaign, the first $100 is on us!

Here is the short pitch: Stagecraft brings drama to social games. You can try the first luxurious short drama at

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