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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

What Startups Services Do You Use And Pay For?

We cover a lot of startups that are trying to make it in this world using paid plans. But I was thinking the other day that I don’t actually get out my credit card very often to purchase many online services. Considering this, I thought I’d ask our readers then what startup services they actually use and enjoy paying for, just to see what type of solutions are valuable to our readers.

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Many other startups monetize through advertising and freemium models, so I suppose we should open up this question to basically all the B2B and consumer services that people find useful. So if you have just three minutes, it would be great if you could list off all the online services that you actually use. Next week I’ll put an article around your responses.

This being a Nordic and Baltic focused blog, we’re especially interested if you use any local services. We went over the local services we use in an article titled Nordic and Baltic Startups That Keep ArcticStartup Running. But it would also be interesting to see what percentage of our readers pay for Dropbox, for example, or just use it for free.

We’re just doing one story a day this month and were supposed to have a story out around now, but the embargo got pushed back until around 16:00 Helsinki time. So be sure to stay tuned for some interesting news later today.

Top image CC licensed by garethjmsaunders on Flickr.

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