In winters, it is imperative to have hot water to meet our daily needs, but it might happen that the water heater suddenly stops working, and you find yourself deprived of the hot water. It is a very frustrating. In Adelaide, almost 80 percent of people have a water heater installed in their houses. But they need to ensure that the heaters continue to operate well, as even minor faults can cause inconvenience. Whether you have got in your house an electrical, gas, or solar heater, it requires regular maintenance, besides we should understand the reasons for heaters getting out of order.

Life is a bit stuffy when it is cool and you need hot water. There are many types of water heaters, out of which tank-style one is easy-going. No doubt, hot water repairs need an expert hand, but with the care and maintenance you can increase the life of the hot water heater.

Let us try to examine the reasons for the fault in water heaters.

Damaged In-Line Valve

There might be a leakage in the water tank due to the damage to a loose in-line valve. Though fixing the issue towards the top of the tank is easy, but it is difficult to repair if leakage happens at the bottom. An in-line valve is a handle located towards the top of the water tank and customized to activate or deactivate the water flow. To rectify the issue, tightly secure the nut that holds the ball on-in the line valve. If the leakage gets severe, you will have to get a new in-line valve for your heater.

Broken Pressure Relief Valve

Some water heaters have a pressure relief valve for relieving pressure from the water tank if it gets high. Sometimes leakage might occur in it, and so it requires replacement. It is better to buy a new valve from your local store or order it online. You can easily remove or replace the pressure valve. If you find leakage at the top or bottom of the hot water system, act quickly and cut off the power. Direct connection of water and electricity can get very dangerous, so shut the power off as soon as possible. If you have a gas hot water system, turn off the hot water system gas supply. Check the gas pipe turns it off at the tap or level valve. You can also stop the water supply to the unit.

There is a fault in the thermostat or an element.

If there are no signs of leakage or external damage in your hot water system, there might be some internal issues. The fault could be in the thermostat or element when water is heated up very slow, and there is also a possibility of water getting heated at more than the required temperature. Thermostats regulate the water temperature by turning the heating element on or off.

The situation can get worse if the element gets broken, you will not get hot water. In this case, the best thing you can do is to cut the power supply and call a professional plumber near you.

The Pilot Light is not working.

A gas storage water heater operates by using a gas burner located below the storage tank to heat the water. It has a small flame, known as a pilot light that burns regularly and lights the main burner. In case of any fault, the light can go out, causing water to get cold. It is easy to relight the pilot light on the gas hot water system.

You can find instructions at the inside door or cover of the system.

Reduced Hot water

Water on and off gets less hot due to the formation of a crack in the dip tube. The tube presses cold water towards the base of the water tank to get heated. Once a crack or hole is formed, cold water flows at the top or middle of the tank, as a consequence, the cold water rushes to the faucets and showers. You can solve this issue by replacing the dip tube on the system.

A regular slow supply of warm water is also due to excess sediment built up in your water tank. Sometimes minerals like magnesium and calcium will start collecting towards the base of the water tank. As the quantum of minerals gets more, you will find little room left for the hot water. It is better to flush your water heater and remove the excess minerals.

Water getting discolored

Sometimes you will find water has changed color which means there is an issue in the water tank or with the anode rod of the water heater. You can fix it if you can diagnose it early. As the water tank gets rust, you may also find small cracks, which might cause water leakage that can happen on the flooring and furniture. Unfortunately, it is not easy to fix all types of water tanks; you have to buy a new one. So you should report these early signs to your plumber and ensure these are repaired or fixed.

If you need any help with your faulty gas valve or broken heating elements, or any fault in your gas water heating system, call your hot water heater repairs in Adelaide. Our registered plumbers are only a call away from you to attend to the fault or broken water heater and do the needful. The hot water repair services of Adelaide are highly professional and understand the nitty-gritty of the heaters.

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