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Thursday, August 11, 2022

We'll See You At Slush!

After the Arctic15 the Nordics, Baltics, and Russia are getting together again for Slush. Taking place the next two days in Helsinki, there will be solid lineup of speakers ready to impart their wisdom on the crowd. Despite the cold and dark weather, the Startup Sauna team have managed to attract attendees and startups from over 10 countries, with over 3000 delegates and 500 startups pitching.

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“Beyond gaming and IT, the flagship sectors of the area, Slush represents the wide variety of strong industries and expertise in our region. The speaker list… also features innovative speakers from the fields of design, medtech and cleantech, while even nuclear and space technology will be present” says Miki Kuusi, the main organizer of Slush.

Between the pitches, talks, chats, and demos, you’ll find the ArcticStartup staff in attendance willing to talk about how you envision the future of ArcticStartup, and ready to find some new exciting companies to write about. The plan right now is for us to wear our ArcticStartup shirts, so feel free to stop us if you see us, and say hi.

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