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The startup ecosystem in the Arctic Valley (pardon us for our selfish term) hasn’t always been a very well functioning one. Not that it is extremely functioning today, we’re increasingly getting more evidence that the world is noticing your startups, your efforts and most importantly – your passion to change the world.

This week Wired UK wrote a piece on the hottest startup cities in Europe. Three of the nine startup cities in the outlined story are from the region; Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki.

It’s very much worthwhile to notice that the other cities are not that bad either. There’s Tel Aviv, Moscow, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and London. Good competition I’d say.

However, as a region – I’d be willing to even subjectively state that our region here in Northern Europe, the “so-called” Arctic Valley is the real winner. Getting three cities in such a small area on the list is far from easy. This is a job worth congratulating.

So here’s to you entrepreneurs, investors and startups of the region. Rejoice, have a great Friday, congratulate one another for your work and keep doing what you do. It’s because of you that the politicians in the region have already grabbed entrepreneurship as a key item in their economic agenda (albeit not really doing anything about it).

In a few years time, thanks to everyone’s efforts, the Arctic Valley will join the ranks of the Israels, Singapores and Silicon Valleys of the world as one of the best places to start and run your company from. Now that’s an ambitious, yet very reachable, goal to aim for.


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