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In September we covered the news that Facebook might be looking to place their server farm in Luleå, Sweden. Tomorrow, it will be confirmed as Facebook’s company representatives will be holding a press conference together with local city representatives. The confirmation ends months of debate and rumors which have been circulating since last summer.

Facebook will build three giant server halls just outside of Luleå, between the Aurorum Science Park and Gallemstadsviken Nature Reserce, according to The Local. The server halls will take up 30 000 square metres each and are expected to consume electricity worth of $72 million per year.

Operations at the venue are expected to begin next year, in 2012. The cost of construction to the server halls will be in the billions of Swedish Kronor and once operational, will employ between 70 and 90 people.

Now that we have Google’s server farms in Southern Finland and Facebook in Northern Sweden – who’ll be next, Amazon?

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