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It’s been quite sometime in the making, but it is finally time to launch the new site with some neat features that enable us to make ArcticStartup so much more it used to be. Let me explain what we’ve developed and why.

The new ArcticStartup has been designed to give more tools to the community. We wanted to reach out to the community and give you more ways to initiate discussions and share material (news, links, press releases, etc.) on our site. Our article sections is still there, but we wanted to add more ways for the community to discover new, interesting and most of all relevant content.

More ways to communicate and find content
The totally new part of the site is the discussion part. This is where you can share links, stories and news worthy items from your company or items for other community members in general (that you believe are interesting). However, please have a look through our guidelines and suggestions for sharing items in the discussion area.

We’ve also implemented a very simple karma system to show the most active participants in the community. Your karma is shown at the end of your username as well as on your profile page. You get one karma point for each new story you write as well as a vote on your story. So, if you write one great story and 10 people vote on it, you get 11 karma points.

Regarding the usernames and login credentials – you’re able to sign in to ArcticStartup with your ArcticIndex login details. If you can’t remember these, please use the forgotten password -feature.

We don’t want to stop here
Finally, in the future we also intend to include more social features to the service as well as integrate the currently known ArcticIndex with its company and person profiles. These won’t be done immediately, but are definitely on the todo list for the future. We want to create one single place for Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurs to hang out, share knowledge, inform of interesting events and job opportunities (or entrepreneurial opportunities in the form of co-founder positions, etc).

Needless to say, as with all new things, there might be some hiccups that are unraveled with large amount of users. Therefore, if you encounter something that you think shouldn’t be there or have an idea regarding the way we’ve done things – don’t hesitate to drop us a line at feedback@arcticstartup.com. Also, we’re eager to hear general feedback regarding the site as well.

To conclude, we’re very thrilled to open the new ArcticStartup to the public today. Why not start, by signing in (or registering) and opening an interesting discussion item or participating in the already exising items?

We hope you enjoy using the new ArcticStartup!

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