Weekdone’s Follow-up: User Stats & Android Launch

Estonian Weekdone’s speciality is high performance task management aimed at turning company meetings more productive by having employees fill-in a weekly PPP- based (Progress, Plans, and Problems) report, which is turn means the meetings can focus on the reports themselves.

Last November Weekdone broke the headlines by winning a true feat of startup credibility, Slush’s massive startup pitching competition, in which they outperformed over 400 tough participants. Not long after that, the company had closed their investment round of $200,000 (€148,000) which helped them open office in the Big Apple and hence, a new business frontier in US soil.

Since those times, Weekdone hasn’t been out of the picture, quite on the contrary, the company has been increasing its activities and product development. In the beginning of April this year, they launched their mobile app, which was previously iOS only, on Android.

“Many think business and enterprise apps live on the web. That’s changed. Since we launched our first iOS version, around 60% of our new sign-up’s and paying customers come from the App Store. There’s strong demand for mobile apps for managers and workplace. And quite many companies say they are half and half iOS and Android”, says co-founder Jüri Kaljundi, giving us a hint from where the Android launch got its roots from.

Today Weekdone is used by close to 10,000 people in hundreds of teams around the world. Apparently there aren’t any “typical” companies who have taken a liking to the task manager app, instead, according to Weekdone, around one third of Weekdone’s clients are public and Fortune 500 companies while a third of them are startups and SME’s, so the variation is clear.

To elaborate more on that, Weekdone’s Business Development told us that end users vary from large tech and retail companies to the likes of churches, nursing homes, burger joints and local county institutions. Additionally, the sizes of user communities follow no pattern; there are plenty of 5-10 user teams but larger Weekdone customers can consist of up to and over a hundred people in a single team.

Functional areas of users are also quite varied, with tech and IT teams in the lead, closely followed by sales teams doing their sales reporting and marketing teams doing their campaign and activity updates.

Though Weekdone is a weekly-report based tool, this obviously won’t stop you from using it as much as you want. Most users tend to use it as a daily collaboration and team updates tool, especially using the Buzz activity timeline feature, which is close to an internal Twitter of Facebook news feed.

Kaljundi underlines the importance of the lessons Weekdone has learned during it’s mobile app lifespan, pointing how customer research has provided the company with user behaviour insight that will help them develop their services towards the better, for example by breaking the service into multiple small mobile apps with distinct functionalities that are quick to launch. Or alternatively, as Kaljundi puts it, integrations.

“What has worked out great for Weekdone are our new integrations to provide visual reports for users of Asana, Basecamp and Atlassian JIRA. We even created a special Asana dashboard mini-product which is a great success. Now we’re looking to add many more, like Salesforce for sales reporting.”, he says.

While the company’s press material seems to emphasize how Americans alone have around 17 million meetings per day (which is nonetheless an impressive number to have bite from), it would be largely untrue to think the app operates solely in English (or even Estonian for that matter); Since Weekdone has registered users in 164 different countries, the apps 5 available languages, which are English, Estonian, Russian, French and Spanish, come in handy. Additionally Weekdone is currently working on the German translation as well.

Currently, teams of up to 3 members will find using Weekdone to be free of charge. The prices go from $29, $69 and $129 for up to 10, 25 and 50 users respectively. More than that and you’ll have to put your sales talks to the test with the Weekdone sales department.