Weekdone Finds €148,000 Investment, Wins Slush's Pitching Competition

    We’ve covered Tartu-based Weekdone winning the annual Estonian design awards, but apparently the company isn’t just all looks; they just beat out the 400 other hopefuls in the region to win Slush’s massive startup pitching competition.

    For those of you who haven’t seen our past coverage, or didn’t see them up on stage at Slush, Weekdone provides a productivity and task completion solution for the web and iOS that gives managers the ability to see an overview of what they’re teams are working on, and how they’re competing their tasks. It’s gorgeous and powerful, especially if you’re using the PPP reporting paradigm, focusing on Progress, Plans, and Problems.

    Growth seems to be moving in the right direction, almost a third of their paying customers started subscribing only in October.

    “We’ve always believed in winning over managers who want to achieve more by doing less,” said co-founder and CEO Jüri Kaljundi. “But never did it occur to us that we’d win Slush. It’s just mind-blowing. We’re amazed at the opportunity how many companies internal communications and focus we now can improve. Looks like we’ve somehow activated our booster rockets this autumn — rockets we didn’t even know we had.”

    Additionally the company closed their investment round of $200,000 (€148,000) which they’ll use to grow the team and set up an office in NYC. The funding was led by Jérémie Berrebi and Xavier Niel’s KIMA Ventures, and also incuded investments by the existing founders, Skype/Kazaa founding engineer and chief architect Ahti Heinla, Rubylight venture fund, and Taavi Lepmets, a former backer of Odnoklassniki, Russia’s largest social network.

    To celebrate the victory, Weekdone is offering a 25% discount for life by using the code SLUSH13WIN when ordering.

    Top image by Jussi Hellsten for Slush.