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buddha-head-handIf you’re an entrepreneur in the Northern Europe (and if you’re reading this, you probably are) you should be feeling pretty good about now. For example, growth companies are now the largest employers in Finland, and it turns out working in Silicon Valley isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So much innovation gets started here, it’s not even funny. Companies like Stereoscape that push the frontiers of 3D movies, and Investors like Richard Youngman, who tells you where future developments are coming from (and why this big meeting in Copenhagen isn’t that important afterall). Just be sure to avoid the 10 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make, and you’ll be sitting pretty.

The Voxstone VoxTrac acoustic gas line measurement devices are selling like hotcakes!

Finland based AW-Energy harnesses energy from the motion of the ocean.

Even when it’s really cold in Finland, Beneq thinks the thinnest possible coatings are the best.

Steam Republic wants to help bands bring music directly to their fans.

Spotify wants to bring any music they can to fans in the US.

Netcycler -for all the free stuff you never knew you needed.

The upside to Upsido? You never have to use E*TRADE ever again.

Starting another company sound like too much work for you? Join a VC! They’re always looking for washed up entrepreneurs, just ask Nikolaj Nyholm.

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