northkoreaimage1Here’s a fact: the future is in entrepreneurship. For Finnish Cleantech, the future is now.

Lucky for you, starting a company is easy, er, easier than you think. If the Bloglovin’ guys could do it, anyone can. Eventually though it pays to have some managerial talent, not just good ideas. But good ideas help, and there sure are a lot of them around, like AleLion, the Swedish company that wants to put lithium iron phosphate batteries in all the world’s golf carts, or TaxiPal, the Estonian service that lets you control a fleet of Parisian taxis with just your thumbs! Don’t forget Noko Jeans, the Swedish designed, North Korean made jeans that Kim Jong-il would wear, if he, you know, wore jeans.

Once that light bulb has gone off in your head and it’s time to start working, there will be plenty of other entrepreneurs to help you out. Like the guys at TimeGT, that started their company just to help you GET THINGS DONE. And to make sure your productivity doesn’t get interrupted just as you’ve entered The Zone, Numo solutions from Norway has caller ID search, so you only have to answer when your VC calls, and your mother-in-law can go straight to voicemail.

LOL @ Spotify for Symbian being released the same week Nokia drops it from more devices.

ArcticEvening Tallinn – 3 December!