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money on  treesIt was a rollercoaster of a week, with some companies going up, some down, and some upside-down. Take Sopima, the Finnish online contract “bank,” this week they took €1m to the actual bank. Or Voddler, the Swedish “Spotify for movies” company that got 35 million kronor from a mysterious uncle.

Not everyone did so well. Like a certain moderately well known Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, that announced Symbian will be executed in 2012.

But, don’t waste time shedding any tears for Nokia, their future will be bright. So many new tools are there to help them, like Tietoset, a SaaS where industrial buyers are better able to source from the manufacturing field. They could learn a thing or too from Eric Ries about lean startupsas well, since every big company needs some intrapreneurs.

Sometimes, a distraction like some online gaming is all it takes to get the creative juices flowing again. There are plenty around whether your tastes are more intense, like the new MMORPG Hours of War, or casual social gaming like Planteo.

Cars are so 20th century. Use Me Mover, they’re so hot right now.

Google is so 5 minutes ago. Use Azouk, they’re so hot right now.

All you need to know about MetGen and their “enzymatic technologies in industrial processes” is that it’s a $2,000,000,000 a year market. I bet you’re interested now that you’ve finished counting all those zeros.

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