GetToWorkIt seems like everybody got new jobs this week. Spotify announced their new CTO, Oskar Stål, and took the fun out of guessing what their mobile strategy is (can you say, “transactional model”). Polar rose announced their new CEO, Carl Silbersky, and added fun to guessing who will be acquiring them in the next 12 months. The hotshots at Videoplaza announced they will be hiring ten (10!) new people before the end of Q1 2010.  We here at ArcticStartup are hiring too! We’re looking for a Stockholm based Co-editor, let us know if you’re interested.

Other interesting companies we met this week include Helsinki based FilmGator, a for movies, and Tuxera, whose system interoperability software is in such a deep niche no natural light reaches them. The other hot new company of the week is Sofanatics, a Finnish social viewing service. How they will add value to watching teevee while Skype chatting with friends remains to be seen.

Of course, not everyone can be in the right place at the right time. For example Zipiko, the real-time social invitation service that was before it’s time and is now behind Plancast, Foursquare, Hot Potato and everybody else. Even the mighty Bonnier Group might be setting themselves up for a fall, with a “maybe” forthcoming e-reader. You be the judge.

Our cleantech team was all over Clean Tech Venture Day, and posted some great video interviews with Rene Savelsberg, CEO of SET Venture Partners on the topics of break through areas for 2010 and which markets to enter in cleantech.

We also introduced you to a couple of companies trying to clean the world up one boat at time. Faroe Island based GreenSteam is trying to help the maritime industry reach their goal of a 15% reduction in emissions by 2015. And Eniram, who doesn’t want to turn the marine industry backwards at all, but wants to use IT to help it save fuel and emissions.