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internet - its seriousThis week we announced two more events in the anxiously awaited ArcticEvening series, in Tampere (17/11) and Stockholm (18/11), some tickets are left – get ’em while you can!

Then we did more of the stuff we normally do, like meaningful investigations of interesting new companies, for example Danish online video site 23 Video or Finnish music site Hitlantis. Of course, we here at ArcticStartup are determined to be fair, but even we’re not geeky enough to meet friends in a virtual bar.

Another thing we’re not afraid to do here is be servicey, which is why we bring you posts with helpful tips on improving the startup ecosystem in Northern Europe, what the former CEO of MySQL thinks about opening offices in Silicon Valley, and, uh, how not to get your throat cut by Chinese competition.

We’re also bringing you the best and most hotness from the Cleantech Sector, stuff like European Batteries, the new lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Finland (with €40m in capital!), Windside, the fashionista’s wind turbine, and VIGO, a new venture accelerator that sounds like the bad-guy from Ghostbusters 2 (Or the good-guy from Lord of the Rings).

Danish people sure buy a lot of electric cars. But Estonians might have to think twice, if their share options start getting taxed under the new law.

We have a Hunch who are readers are, but if you answer these witty questions it’ll help us know you more.