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I talked a while back to Gleb Kaplun, a Russian investor from St. Petersburg, about their company Web2People. We followed up on that and I got really excited with the possibilities it creates. Web2People is a venture company established to help young innovators start their business with the very basic resources and fundamentals. The focus on the innovation is on Internet services and web applications.

Web2People offers companies the physical office space and resources to get the idea of the ground. Once somewhat in the air, Web2People has mentors and professionals to help the entrepreneurs to make the idea fly. Web2People can help the companies with anywhere from paperwork to contacting investors from Europe to get further financing.

Although, Web2People does not give any funding for these companies, they consider themselves seed stage investors as they provide the basic facilities needed to get the idea off the ground. Thus, they don’t see themselves as another incubator without ambitious goals. The first startup centre is located just north of St. Petersburg.

Web2People runs projects divided into 2 sessions and 4 seasons. Each season lasts 3 months and is very specifically documented to create achievable goals and targets. Therefore the co-operation period with Web2People is usually 6 months – the first 3 months being put into growing the product into a prototype and the last 3 months allocated for fund gathering.

All in all, a very interesting concept and a very welcome I suppose with regards to the Russian market where there isn’t that much help from the government as we are used to here in the Nordic countries. I’m guessing Gleb will see himself a good pool of interesting ideas to take to the next level.

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