Web of Trust passes 100 million downloads

    We last wrote about Web of Trust when they raised €1 million investment to “keep up the pace of their development to match the huge growth the browser add-on has seen.” That was in November 2012 when downloads of their addon had reached 50 million. Well it looks like that investment has been successful as their number of downloads has now crossed 100 million.

    If you hadn’t already heard about them, Web of Trust is the world’s leading crowdsourced website reputation service. Their aim is to help discover trustworthy websites by giving ratings and reviews based on the real-life experiences of millions of users. WOT’s ratings are crowdsourced through its worldwide community and the service provides a simple traffic light system to alert users to potential threats or issues with websites they might be trying to visit.

    So pleased was Markus Suomi, the CEO of WOT, with this latest news that he had this to say, “100 million downloads is a great achievement for us and shows how strong the WOT community has become. More users means more ratings, which results in more useful information people are sharing through WOT.”

    Since numbers are fun here are a few more that show how the increase in users leads to an increase in content, further improving the service WOT offers and making additional growth more likely. More than “44 million websites have now been rated and the WOT community gives over 1.6 million website ratings a month.” With well over 140 million websites* out there WOT still has a while to go before they’re all rated but their continued, and accelerated, growth indicates that they should have most of the well trafficked corners of the web covered soon, if not already.

    *whois.sc track just the .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, and .US address for daily changes and as of 11th Nov list 147,784,466 domains.