WeatherMe Makes Weather Forecasting More Localized

    Weather news can be of immense value, but with my personal experience with weather applications, I find them a bit difficult to trust. Firstly they aren’t very accurate, and secondly they are more for general areas than specific locations. I guess my complaint is that you can’t really be in control of receiving notifications and alerts based on your specifications. WeatherMe is one weather forecast and alert service that keeps customization at its core.

    The startup was launched at the Garage48 Tartu and promises to generate accurate weather model for the users. The service relies on providing users with notifications when the weather in their vicinity reaches a certain condition. These notifications are sent in  a time frame of 2-24 hours in advance, giving you ample time to react to changes in the weather. As mentioned, most of us already rely on the existing weather forecasts, but those aren’t short term. With WeatherMe you have that option to be as specific as you want, and to be notified whenever you want. 

    What WeatherMe does is provide users a way to specify the conditions. The first step for users is to have them specify their location on the map and then assign certain values or conditions that should be matched in order for them to receive notifications. These items include:

    • Specifying Wind Direction and Strength
    • Temperature
    • Time that you need to have the notification sent
    • The duration for advance alerts
    • email and phone number

    Users have both a simple version for basic use and the advanced version (that lets you specify time, rain, etc). Once that is done you are send notifications of the changes in weather patterns in your locality, ensuring you are up to date with all weather related information.

    While most of us can make do with the weather you read about in the morning paper, some wish to have a more specific notification about weather conditions. The problems that WeatherMe addresses are forecast accuracy and conditional alerting. One category of users who can take advantage from this are surfers who need to know the wind direction and temperature or even the farmers who need to know news on upcoming rains. At the end all depends on how detailed are the conditions you provide, the more specific you are the better are the alerts and more accurate the forecast.

    The team behind putting WeatherMe into practice are people with years of experience to back their initiative. A brief about the WeatherMe team is provided below:

    • Martin Rand comes with 10 years of experience in management at Skype and Elion.
    • Elmer Joandi is the key player with his experience in weather forecasting and modeling. He has been involved in the project for almost 4 years, leaving little doubt why the service is addressing the right needs.
    • Vahur Meus owns a startup and is the PHP guru.
    • Mihkel Uba is the designer, photographer and the animator behind WeatherMe.