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We Are Looking For A Software Writer To Join Our Team

growthArcticStartup is continually growing and want to offer more to our readers. Päivi is doing great job covering the clean tech sector, but we feel that there are still a lot of startups that deserve to get coverage.

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That in mind we want to open applications for a full position for a writer who know the software industry’s ins and outs. The emphasis is on business-to-business software (B2B), since historically that is the biggest exit market in the region and there is currently happening a lot in the space.

Naturally this means that you understand the technology and have an interest in the field. Ideally you would be interested in covering the larger Scandinavian and Baltic scene, but by no means is that a requisite. So if you swim deep in your home country’s software startup scene, that’s enough. If we find people in different countries interested in covering their own market, we might take on board more than one writer. We also see it as a big plus is you’re willing to do a video interviews here and there. Again, you don’t have to be a professional blogger or writer by any means: passion and industry knowledge is all it takes.

We can not pay you money at the moment, but as any startups we can offer you other perks along side with the high visibility you would naturally get as a profilic writer and a solid member of our editorial team. If you’re still reading, are interested to become an integral part of ArcticStartup team and think you’d fit the bill, write to us at info[at]arcticstartup.com. We know there’s a lot of talent in our readership and we’d love to hear from all of you!

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