Want to learn how to talk money with your children?

    Veckopengen helps the parents to manage their children’s money while teaching them also about its value.

    Ever wondered how to talk money with your children, and how to learn them to use it in a wise manner? Veckopengen, an app created by Barnpengar in Sweden, is offering you a solution that will attract the children and teenagers.

    The idea of the app came by while observing the shift from cash to digital money, and as every disruption, some pedagogy is involved – And nowadays kids are growing with the digital money.

    “Teenagers use Internet in their cells more than anyone in Sweden”, noticed Philip Haglund, the CEO of Barnpengar. “Yet, they have not been given any tool to handle or learn about money.”

    This tool helps parents and their children to manage the children’s money while simultaneously teaching the kids about its value. The core features are the weekly allowance, the piggy bank and the chores, that can be given out to the children. The parent and the child are connected to each other through the application.

    Being the ”best new app” in App Store after their launch 1st of March helped the company to reach 30 000 users. This exceeded the Barnpengar’s first expectations since they reached the number basically without any advertising. Though growth isn’t their main target in the phase they’re right now, it’s a perfect way to get to know the users and figure out how the company should develop and adapt the app to reach even a wider group of people.

    Empowering and educating

    Barnpengar closed recently a funding round with a non-disclosed amount, which will help developing Veckopengen to be the best platform where young people can handle their money by focusing on the user experience and on supporting positive relationships between kids and parents.

    The second step will be to integrate the platform with different payment methods and bank services to propose a broader selection services to the users. The first integration is expected to be launched at 15 of January 2016.

    On a daily basis, mobile banking changes our link to money – but we were wondering at ArcticStartup if the app will include an option to break your electronic piggy bank too?