Want to know why Microsoft bought Nokia Devices?

    As our readers must be familiar, in early September of last year, Microsoft announced their intention to acquire Nokia’s devices and services unit for $7.2 billion. Even with countless news articles written about the transfer, many Finns and industry watchers still have questions about what the future and overall strategy will be for the company. With this in mind, the talk we’re looking forward to at our conference is Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft Mobile Device Marketing, who will present our final keynote.

    At Arctic15: Exit Path she tells us she will be speaking candidly about the integration, tell the story of Microsoft and Nokia’s recent history, and will tell us more about the future as “One Microsoft in a mobile-first cloud-first world” in one of the first times Microsoft is publicly presenting about the acquisition in Finland.

    Before her current title, Rytilä served as the CMO of Nokia and was responsible for Nokia’s global marketing and played an instrumental roll in the Lumia product marketing and strategy.

    We don’t have much more to add except that we’re excited and interested in hearing from a previous Nokia lead how the deal went down and how things are transitioning forward at Microsoft.

    To hear Rytilä and many other speakers, including Trip Hawkins, Founder of EA and Digital Chocolate; Justin Waldron, co-founder of Zynga; and Aber Whitcomb, Co-founder and CTO of Myspace; register tickets to the Arctic15 taking place in Helsinki on May 27th and 28th. We have a great program and networking event ready for you!