Want To Get In Touch With A Media Corporation? Join Media Honeypot

    Media is an industry that is undergoing a lot of transformation and we feel that the startup world has a lot to offer. That is why we created Media Honeypot – a conference that directly aims at putting together C-level media executives face-to-face with startups.

    The event is on the 6th of April in Helsinki and now that we have pre-selected our TOP 75 startups, the tickets are open for general admission.

    The main idea behind the event being that we can both showcase innovation in the media space and start new partnerships, investments, and perhaps even lead to acquisitions between startups and media corporations.

    So what can you expect from a single event? If Arctic15 is anything to go by – quite a bit. Last year we held over 2500+ one-on-one meetings with 1405 attendees. From the survey, 40% of those that had one-on-one meetings in the Deal Room reported either closing or still negotiating a deal.

    At Media Honeypot, we are focusing on matchmaking to the max. So if you do your preparations right, you can get five or more meetings per day with decision makers of for example: Schibsted, Axel Springer, Hubert Burda Media, Google, MTGx, ProSiebenSat.1, Alma, ORF, RTL, JCDecaux, Europa Media Group, Yle, Storyful and more.

    We have now selected 75 startups that will get a chance to meet these and more media corporations. Right now we are ready to announce that the rest will also be able participate by getting a startup ticket for the event. So if you are either in the media industry or would like to partner with either startups or corporates form the industry – see you in Helsinki on the 6th of April.