Want To Come To Arctic15 For Free? Volunteers Needed.

    Would you like to attend Arctic15:Exit Path for free, meet everyone who attends, and get a lot of food and drinks? If yes, then read on. Otherwise, get your tickets here 🙂

    ArcticStartup is organizing our third Arctic15 event, a premium start-up / networking conference which will take place on the 27th-28th of May 2014. We need YOUR help to make it happen!

    We’ve built an impressive line-up of speakers from near and far, and guarantee that our guests will find plenty of like-minded individuals to mix with.

    To help keep the show running, we have a few volunteer positions available and are looking for enthusiastic and amazing individuals to help bring the show together over these two days.

    Ideally you are: 

  • Fluent in English. 

  • Enthusiastic about startups. 

  • A great communicator. 

  • Social and outgoing.

  • Flexible and resourceful.
  • While the job is fairly simple, it is nonetheless extremely important. It includes helping out with:

  • Registration of guests.
Assisting at speaker, press and meeting lounges.
Mic running and assistance. 

  • Helping to prepare the speakers.
  • Etc.
  • In return you will get:

  • Attendance to the conference for free during both days of the event.
ArcticStartup Merchandise (T-Shirts, Stickers, etc.) 

  • Free drinks at the AfterParty.
  • Our invaluable gratitude.
  • Volunteering at an Arctic15 is a great way to expand your contacts! Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our earlier volunteers had to say:

    D: “Volunteering at Arctic15 was a great experience. I got to meet a lot of great people and listen to numerous interesting talks. I highly recommend it!”

    H: “As an Arctic15 volunteer I expanded my network and saw first-hand some great new products and ideas and listened to some fascinating speakers. Stimulating is the best word for it! The team spirit was awesome, Arctic15 guys were great to work with and I’d do it again, no questions asked!”

    S: “Volunteering for Arctic15 was a really terrific opportunity for me. All of the volunteers worked as a team, but there was still a lot of independence and individual responsibility, and the Arctic Startup crew were great to work with. They were flexible about arranging duties so I could see the talks that most interested me. Don’t forget to bring business cards — you’re going to be networking with some of the biggest names in the business.”

    To apply, please fill out the form below before Monday the 12th, but we will be making decisions as the applications come in, so the earlier you apply – the better:

    Top Image courtesy of Shutterstock // Group of People