Explore Northern Europe on a Pimped Old Car

Have you ever heard of a moving art exhibition where cars act as canvases? And where summer roads become museum halls? If you haven’t make up your plans for the summer yet, Slowball ‘Art on Wheels’ is for you. Slowball is an inspiring road trip where participants have to skilfully drive old cars to various destinations across Estonian borders. This year Slowball ’Art on Wheels’ project is taking place for the third time, the previous ones happened in 2013 & 2015. 2017 edition will introduce new talented artists to the ever growing and adventurous Slowball family. In 2017, the route is Tallinn-Helsinki-Turku-Stockholm-Mariehamn and will go on from 2d till 6th of August.

Slowball Art on Wheels is a unique art marketing project, founded in Estonia, that connects abandoned old cars and talented artists. The aim of the project is to support local artists by giving them a chance to showcase their artistic skills in an original way – the artists will get a chance to paint abandoned cars. Plus, you will get a chance to drive hand painted cars across the borders of several Nordic countries.

The aim of Slowball is to promote art, culture, recycling and EPIC fun!

During the 5-day journey, Slowball will create unforgettable memories for the participants, and also give thousands of people in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Åland Islands an opportunity to get acquainted with the talented artists’ work. Slowball is an exceptionally fun cultural experience! If you are concerned about driving capabilities of the cars, worry not. On the road you will be accompanied by mechanics in case some cars break down. 2017 car selection will include BMW, Audi, Mazda, Volkswagen, as well as good old Soviet Lada. All together Slowball expects to have 20 cars on the road.

If driving a pimped old car sounds like your cup of tea, sign up here. In the meanwhile the cars are getting ready for the trip. Get a glimpse of what is going in the garage