Wahlforss and Berggren From Soundcloud And Readmill Give Back To SSES Students

    Eric Wahlforss, co-founder of SoundCloud and Henrik Berggren, co-founder of Readmill, may be now based in Berlin, but they’re staying in touch with their Swedish roots by offering a scholarship (well more like an awesome weekend trip) to two Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship students. This is the second time they’re giving away this opportunity, and the deadline for SSES students is May 15.

    Over the course of a weekend, the two students interested running their own internet company someday will have the chance to run through Berlin to meet entrepreneurs, investors and business angels of the Berlin scene. It also sounds like a good excuse to check out Berlin’s famous nightlife.

    Their video pitch to students can be found here.

    Only a small percentage of our readers are eligible for this opportunity, but I found it a cool thing to do. So I give it as a challenge to our readers. What are you doing to support the next generation of entrepreneurs? Or what could we be doing better?