360 Photo Service For VR Marketing


Finnish media platform provider ThingLink and 360Cities, the world’s largest network of 360 photographers, have agreed to launch a global photo service for VR marketing.

“Marketers from consumer goods and fashion to tourism and real estate are eager to start publishing in 360 and VR, but don’t have the time to find a good photographer and arrange a photo shoot. This partnership solves that problem. Now any ThingLink client, whether it is a retailer, a real estate agent, a restaurant owner, or a college, can contact us and book a 360 photographer in any major city of the world,” Ulla Engestrom, founder and CEO of ThingLink, said in a statement.

ThingLink editor allows users to add contextual layers of information like text, photos, maps, video and other “call to action” tags to 360 images and video, while collecting engagement data.

The 360 VR marketing photo service will initially support affordable turnkey services for brand and real estate marketing, such as creating a virtual store or interactive 360 real estate and school tours,.

Earlier this year, ThingLink raised $1.3 million to expand its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering to virtual reality annotation. Investors in the round are Inventure, Steelhead Ventures as well as Run Capital, led by Andrey Romanenko, founder of global payment service QIWI.