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Voddler, a company sometimes referred to as the Spotify of movies, is beginning to offer a subscription service for 7,9€ a month (or 79 SEK). The advantage for subscribers, or Voddler Plus members as the company refers to the plan, is that for a monthly fee they have part of the Voddler catalogue available to them at no extra cost. You read correctly – part of the catalogue. The downside is that you still will have to pay for some movies. For customers – this isn’t as good a deal as it sounds.

What I personally see as a big challenge here is the fact that while it’s nice to get a lot more movies with a single monthly subscription fee – it’s not something consumers are used to. With a variety of services out there, if you pay a monthly fee – you’re usually given the full deal, service, at your use. With Voddler however, you’re left guessing which movie you’re going to have to pay for in the future. I don’t see how this can fly.

There are of course the advantages for the company. They probably get a lot more revenue per month per user, but I don’t see them taking advantage of what they could have done – going all the way to opening up the full catalogue. I’m sure they could have charged even 15 to 20 euros a month for this.

Even Anders Sjöman, VP of Corporate Communications, states “Voddler Plus will continue to grow, as much of Voddler as is possible should in the long run be included in a monthly membership”. But it’s not and that’s a problem from the start.

So while it seems like a nice improvement – I don’t see this as being a huge victory for the consumer.