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Voddler Hits 1 Million Users

voddler_logoWe have been keeping track on the progress of Voddler for a long time at Arctic Startup and perhaps the best possible mention came when we talked about the movie streaming service hitting past 300,000 user mark back in 2010. The service has now scaled to over I million users as 13 year old Phillip became its 1 millionth user. This is quite an achievement given that the movie streaming service had removed the need for invite based registrations and opened for all in 2010.

Voddler currently offers its users over 4,000 movie titles from almost all major film companies that include both television series and feature films. The service offers movie streaming not just on your personal computers but across numerous mobile platforms as well, a major reason for its massive growth lately. With success written all across the progress, Voddler is aiming at launching in Spain and further deploy it across other mobile platforms as well as internet enabled televisions.

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The progress also includes agreements with major film companies to ensure it offers a maximum number of titles for its users and offers both rentals and free, ad based movies. It is no surprise that people are in desperate need for entertainment on the go and mobility is the word of the day. Voddler’s iPhone App that it launched in spring this year managed to score over 150,000 downloads in the first week, showing its popularity and the obvious; there is an ever growing demand for such service on mobile devices.

It will be interesting to see how soon Voddler expands to other mobile operating systems and leverage their penetration to boost it s growth further. Voddler can make use of our tips to hit 300 Million users any time!

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