Vivino Helps You Remember And Rate Wines

Vivino has recently launched the second version of their wine app that allows users to get information and recommendations of almost any wine. Aside from providing database of around half a million bottles, the Danish startup has a pretty useful angle on the wine concept. The wines you most want to buy again are the ones you’ve already had — like at a party or at a restaurant. You could rant and rave about a wine, but the next morning or a week later you’ve likely forgotten the name, or even if it was a red or white.

Vivino bridges the gap between tasting great wine and buying it by making it easy to remember and rate wine through your smartphone. All you have to do is take a photo of the label and Vivino uses image recognition software to find out more about the wine and save it to your smartphone. You can also give a rating on the spot, which helps you remember your favorite vintages and stay away from that back alley swill.

The first version of the Vivino app was aimed at testing the Vivino concept. Based on its success and user feedback the current version presents significant upgrades and is easily one of the better wine apps available. The app is free and available for Android and Apple devices.

Vivino has received an investment of €0.6 million from SEED Capital. Niels Vejrup Carlsen, Investment Director says, “The global retail market for wine is roughly four times the size of the music market. If you are able to tap into this market the possibilities are endless, and Vivino seems more equipped for this than anyone else we’ve seen globally.”