Vividworks grabs €1.3 Million with virtual furniture sales tool

    Helsinki is known for technology and design furniture, so it’s natural that we’d see some companies coming out of that mix. With now some cash to make some noise, today Vividworks announces it has raised €1.3 million in a round led by Helsinki-based Vendep with Finnvera and a group of private investors also adding to the round.

    It’s easy to see with the rise of technologies like Sayduck and One Nordic’s strategy, customers are starting to demand more informed decisions about furniture purchases. Vividworks company provides an online 3D product configuration, interior design and visualization technology as a SaaS product for home furnishings manufacturers, retailers, and interior designers. By showing you how the funiture will look in a 3D replica of a space, you’ll be much more likely to buy it.

    They’ve tailored their product to be easy enough for a lowly salesperson to use, allowing someone to configure and add together multiple products to calculate together a complete offer in minutes, while also being able to add together even more options and visualize them to send in an offer. This is all, naturally, sharable on social media.

    “…We have already managed to secure a firm foothold for example in the US market. The funding we have received from Vendep Startup Fund and other investors will help us further strengthen our position in these vital markets,” says Miska Visuri, CEO of VividWorks.