This week we’ve closed a deal with our last gold partner, Rubylight. Rubylight is a super exciting company that isn’t too well known. However, they are the talent and minds behind extremely successful social networks in Russia and Latvia. Rubstein was one of the founders and CEO of Forticom, a company that had built social networks with more than 100 million registered users. In November 2010, Forticom was acquired by (DST).

Vitaly Rubstein will also be talking at Arctic15 about his experience in building companies such as and others. We’re going to be publishing an interview with him next week, but wanted to hype his attendance to the event as a speaker. His talk is on Thursday, October the 18th at 11.40. We’re super excited!

If you’re a founder or an entrepreneur – please apply for a ticket to Arctic15, it’s going to be awesome! If you’d like to promote your company in our event, do talk to us about demo stands. There are still a couple of those left and it’s a great deal to get two tickets to the first day’s event as well. If you’re interested, e-mail us at

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