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Virtusize Spreads Online Fit Solution To Japanese Webshops

Stockholm-based Virtusize is expanding beyond Europe after this summer’s news of a big partnership with ASOS. Now they’re hitting Japan by launching with a few e-tailers, although they can only announce Magaseek today. Virtusize offers a 2D garment comparison solution to illustrate the size and fit of the product. allows you to upload the measurements of a garment you like, such as the length and width across the chest of a shirt, and then compare those measurements to other shirts you see when shopping online.

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Peder Stubert, Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Virtusize tells us that they’ve always had their eye on Japan, as it’s the third largest e-commerce market after the U.S. and China. One thing that’s interesting about the Japanese etailers to Virtusize is that they’re already extremely specific and have a load of information about their products.

“If a European webshop has four pictures, they have ten, and they have our favorite thing, exact measurements of a product. And what’s more is that they have the exact same standard of measuring for all webshops. The point is they are really prepared for us over there,” says Stubert.

Virtusize’s value proposition in western countries has been to reduce the huge cost of returns after people realize that the garment they bought actually doesn’t fit. Japanese etailers don’t battle with this as much as ours do, however. Apparently it’s really not in the Japanese culture to return products for whatever reason, so they don’t need to deal with the issue of people ordering two different sizes and then returning the one that fits the worst.

So for these Japanese webshops, the value proposition is just to provide a great customer experience.

Virtusize has already opened an office in Tokyo, and is hired their first employee. Currently the company is up to 14 full time employees and two part-time helpers.

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