Virtual Reality – Real Entertainment

    Have you ever wanted to try mountain bike, but you’re too afraid to get a broken arm? Activetainement, founded in 2012 in Norway, has a solution for you: the Ebove Bike.

    Presented as “health and fitness product that also happens to be an interactive video game”, the Ebove is a fitness bike attached to a single point which allows it to move in several directions and comes with a range of compatible 3D tracks, viewed through an in-built touch screen computer, giving the user the option of downhill mountain biking, road biking, trail riding and even BMX-ing. You can also ride down 5th Avenue in New York, try a leg of the Tour de France or cycle around Venice.

    The bike moves in real time according to the tracks displayed, offering you a immersive experience that you can control through brakes and the various speed. An inbuilt gaming system let the user compete with friends or other users around the world, and collect your statistics.

    “We saw that there was a gap in the market to create something that was fun, engaging and motivating. We are all big tech and fitness fans, so we decided to go about creating the ultimate gadget – a simulator that would also give you a great workout.” Says Anabell Darby, the marketing associate of Activetainment.

    Presented for the first time at CES 2015, the product is now available for pre-orders in the Nordics. The price of the bike being between $6,000 to $8,000, the main target is the gym and fitness chains and leisure industry, ahead of the B2C market.

    If you ever found the stationary bike annoying, it might be time to take a helmet and give a try to the Ebove Bike.