Viking Ventures invests in gamified 3D simulations and training solutions

Investment news from Norway – Nordic VC Viking Ventures invests in Attensi, Oslo-based company that works on 3D gamified simulations and training solutions.

Attensi was founded by serial entrepreneur Odd Skarheim in 2009 in Oslo, Norway, and has grown to be a leader in the use of gamified solutions for workforce training. With Viking Ventures owing 34% of the company, Attensi will be able to facilitate international growth.

3D Gamified training

We recently wrote about work performance enhancing games. Attensi goes further using advanced 3D modelling with deep insight of human behavior and psychology. The solution aims to train employees in authentic situations involving human interaction and the operation of business critical software and systems. The company, that has 40 employees, serves customers such as global pharma company Merck, Norwegian leading retailer NorgesGruppen, car dealer Bertel O Steen and Avinor Oslo Airport Gardermoen among its more than 50 customers.
At Avinor Oslo Airport we were able to train more than 22,000 employees before the new terminal building was finished,” says Attensi CEO Anne Lise Waal.

Scalable tools and solutions

Viking Venture has an extensive track record from working with fast growing Norwegian B2B software companies.

We were impressed by the team and their products from the first moment. Attensi’s solutions make training fun and efficient in a way traditional e-learning never has been able to. The company is able to prove remarkable effects from their unique approach.  We believe this is a new paradigm within digital learning and training.” says Eivind Bergsmyr, partner at Viking Venture and board member of Attensi. “Attensi is an ideal fit with our B2B software investment focus and a great addition to the more than 40 investments we have done so far,” adds Erik Hagen, Managing Partner of Viking Venture and a fellow board member of Attensi.