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Videoplaza Bullish On Future Growth – 'Things are simply taking off'

growthI talked to Videoplaza founder and CEO Sorosh Tavakoli just last week and Sorosh told me that videoplaza is very bullish on online video monetization. They see that throughout the industry the number of started video streams are up and the number of ads per video are up, on average moving from three to seven. Overall in the video advertising market demand is growing faster than supple and big media companies are waking up to online video.

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During our call Tavakoli went on to tell me that Videoplaza could be cashflow positive if they wanted, but they are focusing on growth.

Today Videoplaza walked the talked and put out a blog post where they are looking for no less than 10(!) new employees to recruit before the end of Q1 2010. This is no small announcement in the current economy. The company is clearly scaling up for the storm ahead in 2010.

Currently the company has a leading position on in-stream video ad serving in Europe. In just two years, they have grown to be 15 people in three countries. Videoplaza has about 20 clients in five markets and the overall inventory is growing exponentially. For example in Danish market that they entered just some months ago they have been able to take the market for in-stream video ad serving: The three four largest Danish publishers have moved from ADTECH to Videoplaza for video ad serving.

Online video is going to be very hot in 2010. Just as Tavakoli said, ‘This is the new TV’.

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