Meet Trello for Video Production

About 80% of all Internet users enjoy watching videos on a daily basis. Over 50% of marketers think that businesses have need to focus on video in their marketing efforts. But how many of them know what it actually takes to produce an ad or commercial video? On average, video production crews work for 2 weeks to produce a 2-3 minute long video. That includes planning, shooting, editing and a lot more other tasks that are coming along in the process. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Is there a solution that would help production teams to work faster and more efficiently?

This Lithuanian startup aims to remove the hassle related to video production. Production Tools is a production management software, that helps to video producers to manage various elements of video production such as casting, props, locations or freelance contacts.

“Major inspiration to create Production Tools came from our daily routine as video producers. I run video production company in Vilnius since 2008 and there was no better influence on creating a tool to simplify our daily routine, save on production costs in general, make our work in production house more effective.” – says Arnas Blinkevicius, Production Tools’ CEO and Founder

Production Tools allows filmmaking teams to seamlessly organize, manage and share all production assets in one place. By packing the software with a well-balanced range of tools and features, such as custom labelling, sharing, upload and commenting features, Production Tools simplifies and streamlines the entire production process. It also serves as an all-in-one film production database that lists everything from props and locations to casting profiles and freelance talent.

Production Tools is designed to serve the needs of ad and short video producers. Instead of spending time on repetitive tasks, such as collecting and collating feedback, reiterating pitch presentations, or assembling and reassembling casting photos, they can now save time and energy at every step of the process. 

Common issues video producers face are not always operational. Often it comes down to things like communication and management. Getting approvals on actors, locations, props from all parties involved and managing dozen of files and presentations per project swallows tons of time. A daily routine of video producer is to juggle all these in the best possible way, and still be able to produce a high-quality video.

“Ad production time is measured in weeks and every day lost to poor communication or organizational chaos is a threat to the timeline and quality of the final product. Production Tools helps creatives to take their production management to the next level”, comments Blinkevicius.

If you understand the pain the founders had to go through before the Production Tools came alive, go and try the service. Some of the features include having all production assets in one place, collecting cast photos, actor contacts, props, locations, and other resources, as well as sharing proposals with team members and clients, making the production process easier and faster.