Video Interview With Artturi Tarjanne of Nexit Ventures (Part I)

    Venture Capital is in flux. Some say it’s frozen over and funds are pulling back, and some say it’s the best time to invest and find the next Googles and Facebooks. Everyone, including us , has an opinion on the topic.

    Earlier this week I talked to Artturi Tarjanne of Nexit Ventures and asked what Nexit is doing in the current down market. Tarjanne has been one of the most active actors in the Finnish venture capital market and pivotal in building the emerging US-style venture capital market in Finland. We talked about how Tarjanne ended up to be a venture capitalist, what lead to Limbo to merge with Brightkite and why Nexit Ventures operates in two very different locations: here in the Nordics as well as in the Silicon Valley. We also discussed Nexit’s investment strategy and how they see the current handset market. Check out the video below.